Mario Harapin

- Delikatessen aus Kroatien -

"The Viennese want only the finest Croatian delicacies and Zdravo za gotovo tomatoes are exactly that!"


Ribafish editor -

"After rediscovering the taste of real tomatoes I remember from my childhood, I asked a few chefs for the source and the answer was always the same – Zdravo za gotovo."

Snježana i Danijel

- Zero waste shop Špeceraj - 

"You buy Zdravo za gotovo tomatoes once and you're a regular!"

Sun-kissed hand-picked tomatoes!

Zdravo za gotovo produces and processes tomatoes into ready to use soup, juice, and three traditional Croatian šalša sauces as well as gourmet cooking ingredients - tomato pulp, tomato paste and pizza sauce. The products contain the ripest summer tomatoes and contain no added sugars, preservatives or additives. In order to achieve top quality raw produce from these summer ripe fruits, harvesting is done manually. The ethos of our company is about capturing superior taste, nutritional values and plush red colours. Our tomato fruits are being processed at a low 60˚ C and finished products are exclusively packed in glass bottles, the most acceptable packaging for both tomatoes and the enviroment.

 The difference between the taste and texture of our tomatoes and the mass produced ones is made in the field and during the picking. That phase is done exclusively by hand, which is contradictory to modern day techniques of big companies. Their yield is measured in hundreds of thousands of tonnes and millions in profit so they cannot and will not afford handpicking. Harvesters are used and tomatoes have to be hard, resistant and unripe. Herein lies the answer why industrial tomatoe products are sour and even bitter, while your garden tomatoes taste so sweet.

It is impossible to imagine a wine maker picking unripe sour grapes in order to speed up production and maximise profits. The basis of wine production requires a certain amount of sugar and it is the most important factor in the taste and quality of the wine. The same principle applies to tomatoes. Large industry then tries to improve the low quality raw produce but you can still taste the difference.


We do it differently - as it should be done!